Salt-free Awareness Week celebrates its second year!

In 2017 the Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson granted a proclamation that every year from March 23 to the 30 – the citizens of Ottawa are encouraged to eat salt-free. This is a fun, and healthy, challenge for all! We are asking people to draw upon their resourcefulness and creative competitive nature to try something new. Discover alternative ways to get rid of salt and make this a flavour-filled week!

The week provides an opportunity to disseminate information on wellness and healthier nutritional choices focusing on lessening our daily intake of salt – mostly used for flavor and in the preservation of foods. It is hoped Ottawa area residents will challenge themselves and others around them. A diet with large amounts of salt can lead to serious health issues. Learning how to reduce salt intake is a crucial practice for wellness. Diseases such as kidney disease, heart disease and strokes, and hypertension all require salt-free diets.

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Health Canada Facts

Canadians eat about 3400 mg of sodium each day. This is more than double the amount we need. Sodium is an essential nutrient found in salt and many foods.

Our bodies need a small amount of sodium to be healthy, but too much can lead to high blood pressure, a major risk factor for stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. Sodium intake has also been linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis, stomach cancer and severity of asthma.

The History of Salt-free Awareness Week

Salt-free Awareness Week is the outcome of a three-year successful and positive pilot project with the Culinary Arts Program of Algonquin College called the Blue & Green Soiree.  The project challenged culinary students to prepare and flavor food without the use of salt, with the purpose of raising awareness to, and in support of, chronic illnesses that require a salt-free diet daily.

Now Salt-free Canada is a nation-wide initiative with the goal of creating awareness about the need for no-salt choices in public food service.  Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is encouraging its culinary and nutritional programs to participate.  

This year Salt-free Canada will share the dissemination of the sodium facts jointly with the Champlain Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Network (CCPN).

How to Participate

Celebrate Salt-Free Awareness Week in the city of Ottawa. Ottawa area residents, Cooks, Chefs, Catering Services and all Food Services workers are invited to:

  • Create salt-free dishes in their home, restaurant or food service
  • To challenge their family, friends and colleagues to participate and to do the same
  • Use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to promote salt-free cooking

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