The History

The Salt-Free Awareness Week Ottawa was first developed in 2017 as second phase of awareness and call to action.  The week was established after the successful results from the salt-free culinary challenges project given to the culinary students of the Algonquin College’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Program.  The first culinary challenge was launched in 2013.  The purpose of the challenge was to create flavour without salt.  Another reason for the salt-free flavouring challenge was to encourage the future chefs who would go on to become professionals in food processing to be mindful of salt in food and the impact.

By creating a Salt-free Awareness Week in our City,  the challenge to participate enables its residents to take the opportunity to think salt-free, and create recipes while being able to share the awareness about the many Canadians who require salt-free options on menus.  People with salt-restrictive diets must follow salt-free daily for their wellness.  If we are to advocate change and practice in food preparation, why not start at the grassroots of culinary education by giving opportunity to affect practice, a potential mindset and a strategy to reduce sodium in food. Awareness is knowledge.

The Blue and Green Soiree

Founded in 2013, the Blue and Green Soiree (BGS) was conceived to create awareness, understanding and support for the need to create no-salt options on menus.

At the inaugural event, guests enjoyed a Culinary Challenge by Chefs-in-training from the Culinary Program of Hospitality and Tourism of Algonquin College. The students were asked to study the requirements of a no-salt Kidney-friendly Renal Diet and prepare all dishes for the evening without the use of salt.

Photos and Interviews

© Janna Glenn, Karma Creative Solutions

Ottawa’s City Mayor Jim Watson, grants the Proclamation for the 2017 Salt-Free Awareness Week Ottawa to Founder, Patricia Treusch at the Blue and Green Soiree. Photo by: Lois Siegel 

Deputy Mayor Bob Monette presenting at City Hall the 2018 Proclamation

Deputy Mayor Laura Dudas and Patricia Treusch with the 2019 Salt-Free Awareness Week Proclamation at the Blue and Green Soiree. © Lois Siegel