Thank you to those who have supported Salt-Free Canada along the way!


Medical Professionals Involved

 “One of the many challenges often faced by a person with serious kidney disease is the need to strictly follow a diet that includes restrictions in salt and fluid intake, as well as other minerals like potassium and phosphate. Without these restrictions, overall health is compromised, and indeed life-threatening complications can occur. Unfortunately, general awareness of this diet is limited, and patients have great difficulty accessing them away from home. The renal community in Ottawa therefore welcomes efforts to educate the public and local institutions on renal diets. We hope these efforts will facilitate access to the renal diet at schools, residences, nursing homes, and other facilities, contributing to improved health for people with kidney disease.”

Dr. Kevin Burns, Director, Kidney Research Centre, Ottawa Hospital.

“Your great initiative idea of creating knowledge of the renal diet at the culinary training school – to make a difference for the future was…brilliant! Wonderful idea!”

“Several years ago we had a 16-year old foreign exchange student Manja in our house, who became dialysis dependent during her stay. She was responsible about her phosphate and potassium intake, asked always about the content in the food, and then thoroughly studied the menu of the restaurant where we were dining, before she said: “There is nothing on the menu for me here except the Vodka!” I checked and she was right. There was not a single low sodium, potassium and low phosphate dish on the menu (except the vodka, potassium and phosphate zero). ”

Guido Filler, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Professor of Paediatrics, Chair/Chief, Department of Paediatrics
Children’s Hospital, London Health Science Centre, University of Western Ontario
Formerly of Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Head Pediatric Nephrology

 “Sodium restriction in the diet is known to be as effective as taking a pill to lower blood pressure.  Controlling blood pressure can prevent heart attacks, heart failure, stroke and kidney disease.  It is vital that we support Canadians in lowering sodium in their diets.”

Dr. Ann Bugeja

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa
Nephrologist, The Ottawa Hospital
Certified Hypertension Specialist, American Society of Hypertension

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