Recipe Submission

The Criteria

  1. Competition is open to students of Culinary, Dietitian and Nutritional Arts Programs as well as professional chefs, and amateur chefs.
  2. The recipe can not include any salt at all for flavouring.
  3. All ingredients must be made from scratch to ensure there is no salt included/added.
  4. Each ingredient(s) that is a combination of several items must also be salt-free and not a pre-made ingredient that may contain salt. For example: mayonnaise, tomato sauces, piri piri sauces, stocks/broths, etc.
  5. Must include both the Metric and Imperial measurements for ingredients and descriptions.
  6. Specify how many servings the recipe will be produced.
  7. Photos must be high resolution with a minimum of 300 dpi and a minimum size of 8” x 10”.
  8. Photo must leave extra white space (negative space) around for cropping to fit in the cookbook. Please refrain from stylized backgrounds and additional props. We want the book to feature a clean, fresh look.
  9. If possible, provide recipe both in English and in French.
  10. Must sign the waiver /or agree to the terms in the online submission Form
  11. Submissions will close March 31, 2018. However, recipes can be submitted any time before this date.
  12. Participants may submit up to 5 recipes for selection. Not all will be printed in the recipe book, but may be published on-line. An independent selection committee will determine which recipes will be published.
  13. Participants are encouraged to research renal/kidney, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease diets to extend their knowledge.
  14. Collaboration is encouraged.
  15. Participants are encouraged to share a story or message that communicates the inspiration behind the recipe. Maybe this was the family’s favourite dish made by Grandma, Mother etc.
  16. Participants are also encouraged to include a photo of themselves for publication.

Submit Your Recipe

Recipes should be saved as a Word document or in PDF format. Images should be uploaded in JPG format. If you are submitting more than one recipe, you will need to complete a separate submission form for each one.