Salt-Free Recipe Challenge

Salt-Free Canada is issuing a challenge to culinary arts students, dietitian and nutrition students and Canadians across the country to develop salt-free recipes. The goal is to feature a number of these recipes in a special Salt-Free Canada Cookbook.

The aim of the cookbook is to increase awareness of the need for salt-free recipes by featuring the next generation of dieticians, nutritionist, and culinary students in their formative years, while producing an accessible cookbook showing Canadians how to prepare nutritious and flavourful food without salt.

Share your recipes with us on Facebook (Salt Free Canada) and Twitter (@saltfreecanada). Thank you for taking part in the challenge!

The Criteria

  1. The recipe can not include any salt at all for flavouring.
  2. All ingredients must be made from scratch to ensure there is no salt included/added.
  3. Each ingredient(s) that is a combination of several items must also be salt-free and not a pre-made ingredient that may contain salt. For example: mayonnaise, tomato sauces, piri piri sauces, stocks/broths, etc.
  4. Specify how many servings the recipe will be produced.
  5. Attach a photo to go along with your recipe!
  6. Participants are encouraged to research renal/kidney, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease diets to extend their knowledge.
  7. Collaboration is encouraged.
  8. Participants are encouraged to share a story or message that communicates the inspiration behind the recipe. Maybe this was the family’s favourite dish made by Grandma, Mother etc.
  9. Participants are also encouraged to include a photo of themselves!